CARIRI would like to say a special THANK YOU to all the Ministries that supported, judges, sponsors, exhibitors, concessionaires, entertainers, competitors, staff members, volunteers and most importantly the general public for joining us in pioneering a food phenomenon. Your support and hunger for innovation is what constantly motivates us to continue to develop ideas and events such as this!

The celebrations also included CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion competition which included 7 teams battling it out for bragging rights at the ultimate food safety expert. After two grueling rounds, Arawak Co. Ltd emerged as our 2017 Food Safety Champions with National Flour Mills coming in 2nd place. Their prizes were sponsored by Caribbean Airlines, Magdelena Grand, Grafton Beach Resort and Associated Brands.


Do you have what it takes to be CARIRI’s next food safety CHAMPION?


Do you consider yourself a food safety expert? Then come test your knowledge at CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion!

As part of our mandate to create greater awareness, the CARIRI’s Caribbean Food Safety Centre (CFSC) is hosting CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion 2017 as an opportunity for companies, regardless of size, to showcase their knowledge of food safety. Food safety is essential to good nutrition and health, which are vital to sustainable development. Food safety is a shared responsibility. Food can become contaminated at any point during production, distribution and preparation. Everyone along the production chain, from producer to consumer, has a role to play to ensure the food we eat does not cause diseases. Being a Food Safety Champion is everyone’s responsibility!

The Food Safety Champion competition will consist of teams of 3 persons per team who are battling 4 rounds comprised of :

  1. Multiple choice questions
  2. True or False
  3. Family Feud food style
  4. Case study


Remember only two teams will advance to the final round to compete for bragging rights of being CARIRI’s Food Safety Champion!


Register for our Food Safety Champion 2017 to see just how much you really know about food safety.


First Prize sponsored by Caribbean Airlines.

For more information on registration please contact Jessica Ramoutar or Amanda Lalla at 299-0210 ext. 5687/5452.

General Rules
  • Each team shall register with CARIRI prior to the start of the competition. (Deadline for registration is September 4, 2017). Teams are to be identified with a unique name.
  • One appointed representative from each team will come to CARIRI one week prior to the event to pick which team they will go head-to-head with in the first round as well as attend an information session where they will  be briefed about the rules and any questions will be answered. Teams that are unable to attend will be paired with whichever teams are remaining.
  • Teams will comprise of 3 persons each. All teams will enter Round 1
  • There are to be 4 rounds of competition as follows:

1. All Team Challenge/ Round 1 (multiple choice questions)

2. Battle Round/ Round 2 (True and False questions)

3. Family Feud Round/ Round 3 (Survey questions)

4. Championship Round/ Round 4 (Case Studies)

  • Team members ought to wait until the question has been completely read by the moderator before pressing the buzzer. The timer will start after the question has been completely read. The question will also be shown on a big screen for all to view.
  • If persons press the buzzer before the question was completely read by the moderator then the team member who pushed the buzzer has to provide an answer immediately and will not be given the allotted time that is specified for that round. In this case, if the person cannot answer or gives an incorrect answer, the appropriate penalty for that round will be imposed.
  • Team/ individual who presses the buzzer must answer the question.
  • All answers to questions are to be verbally in English. There will be 5 minute break intervals between each round to accommodate tallying up of scores.
  • There will be a three judge panel consisting of a head judge and two others. In the event of unclear answers, the judging panel will adjudicate and determine if an answer is acceptable or not.
(Round 1) All Team Challenge
  • This round consists of three multiple choice questions presented to a pair of team members from opposing teams.
  • All team members must participate once in this round. Each team should decide which team member is going first, second and third before the competition commences.
  • 2 teams at a time  are to go head-to-head in a quick answer round.
  • One question will be posed to both members of each team in a head to head challenge.
  • If the first person to press the buzzer is unable to answer the question or gets the question wrong then one mark will be deducted from that team’s score. If a team buzzes first for three consecutive questions and gets all the answers wrong then they will end up with a score of -3, while the other team who was unable to answer any questions will have a score of 0 and they will move on to the second round.
  • Person who buzzes first is required to answer within 10 seconds after the question is read.
  • If both teams refuse to buzz after 5 seconds, then both teams will receive a score of zero (0) for that question.
  • The Moderator will indicate whether the answer is correct or not.
  • All correct answers are to be scored 1 point in this round.
  • There will be no opportunity for another team to respond to the same question should an incorrect answer be given from the first team.
  • The team with the most correct answers moves to the Round 2 whilst the other team will be eliminated.
  • This will be repeated in batches of two teams until all teams have played, with winners of each batch proceeding to Round 2.
  • Teams will be reduced by half for Round 2.
  • Round 1 should last roughly 25 minutes.
  • Round 1 tie breaker: In the event of teams having the same scores each team will elect one member to answer the tie breaker question. Questions will continue to be asked until the tie is broken.
  • In the tie breaker round if both team refuse to buzz after 5 seconds, another question should be asked until one gets it right.
  • In the instance of an odd number of teams moving on to the next round then a wild card move will be employed. A wild card is an opportunity for a losing team to re-enter the competition by a random draw.
(Round 2) Battle Round
  • Winning team names (tags) from the first round will be placed in a container for Round 2. Through random selection by the Moderator, teams will once again go head-to-head with each other.
  • This round includes 3 challenging True and False questions to each set of teams that face off.
  • All rules apply as for Round 1 except, any member of the team can buzz and answer the questions in this round.
  • In Round 2, teams will again be reduced by half for Round 3
(Round 3) Family Feud Round
  • This round consists of survey questions. Surveys would have been previously conducted and the top responses to the survey questions collated.
  • Each team will select one individual to answer a survey question.
  • The chosen individual will be asked to give the top two answers to a survey question.
  • Teams will be given a period of 20 seconds to discuss before the selected team member gives the top 2 answers for the question asked.
  • Answers to the survey questions will carry scores ranging from 5 pts for the top answer, 1 pt for the least favorite answer and 0 pt if the answer was not provided in the survey responses.
  • The 2 teams with the most points accumulated after Round 3 are to move forward to the Champion Round (Round 4)
  • If after this round, there are teams with the same number of points a tie breaker will be held
  • The tie breaker question may take any form (multiple choice, true/false, survey type). Each team taking part in the tie breaker will be asked a different question. If a survey question is asked only the top survey response must be given (ie. the 5 point answer)
(Round 4) Championship Round
  • The final two teams will take part in this round
  • Each team will be given a case study that describes a scenario at a processing facility
  • Each team will be presented with a different case study.
  • The team members of each team will work as a group to answer the questions that appear at the end of the case study. Team members are to select a representative to present their answers to the judges and audience.
  • Each team will also have to answer three questions, one posed by each judge. A different team member will answer each question. The teams would not be given these questions before hand.
  • Teams have a maximum of 15 minutes to work on their case study. Teams can make notes and discuss with team members only during this time.
  • The teams will be scored based solely on the verbal presentation to the judges.
  • Teams would not be able to hear each other’s presentation.
  • Scores will be awarded by the judges only to the key points expected to be covered.
  • The judges will provide the moderator with their final decision on who is the winning team.
  • The judges’ decision if final