Chairperson – Mrs. Christine De Coteau Lavine, District Manager – Trinidad, Pfizer

7.30am. – 8.30amRegistration
8.30am. – 8.45amWelcome
Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah, Chief Executive Officer, CARIRI
8.45am. – 9.00amOpening Remarks
Dr. Vishwanath Andy Partapsingh, Chief Medical Officer (Ag.) Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
9.00am. – 9.30amPresentation #1 – Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting – A Global Threat
Prof. Francisco Donadío, Product Patrimony Management Head for Pacific, Caribbean and Central America, Sanofi, Panama
9.30am. – 10.00amPresentation #2 – The Caribbean Story – The Role of Government Agencies in Drug Counterfeiting
Mr. Fancis Burnett, Head of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, Pharmaceutical Procurement Service, St. Lucia
10.00am. – 10.20am TEA BREAK
10.20am. – 10.50amPresentation #3 – Pharmacovigilance – A Local Perspective
Dr. Sameer Dhingra, Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medical Sciences, UWI, St. Augustine
10.50am. – 11.20amPresentation #4 – Challenges to Patient Safety – Internet Pharmacies
Dr. Rian Extavour, PAHO Consultant Pharmaceutical Systems and Medication Safety
11.20am. – 11.50amPresentation #5 – Emerging Technologies for Identifying Counterfeit Drugs
Dr. Rajiv Dahiya, Director, School of Pharmacy, UWI, St. Augustine
11.50am. – 12.30pmPanel Discussion
12.30pm. – 1.30pmLUNCH
1.30pm. – 2.00pmPresentation #6 – The Role of Patients, Doctors , Pharmacists and Caregivers
Dr. Devendra Singh, Specialist Medical Officer in Obstetrics & Gynecology, South West Regional Health Authority, San Fernando
2.00pm. – 2.50pmPresentation #7 – A Manufacturer / Distributor Perspective on Counterfeiting
Mr. Percival A. Jordan, Pfizer Pharmaceutical Global Security, Panama
2.50pm. – 3.20pmPresentation #8 – Parallel Imports
Mr. Adrian McCarthy, Deputy Chief Chemist and Assistant Director of Food and Drugs, Chemistry Food and Drugs Division, Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
3.20pm. – 3.50pmPresentation #9 – Standardization, Measurement & Quality Assurance
Dr. Madan Mohan Gupta, Senior Lecturer, School of Pharmacy, UWI, St. Augustine
3.50pm. – 4.30pmPanel Discussion
4.30pm. – 4.50pmClosing Remarks
Mr. Hayden Charles, Programme Leader, ICT, CARIRI
4.50pm. – 5.30pmNetworking