In this age of social media, tweets and blogs, food handlers risk total business failure if consumers believe their product or business place is a health risk.  Countries are also becoming more stringent in their surveillance and regulations in an effort to protect consumers.  As a result, exporters must have recognised food safety management systems in place before their products will be allowed entry into Europe, the US, Canada and a number of other markets.

The Caribbean Food Safety Centre (CFSC) at CARIRI can assist organizations in implementing food safety programmes while maintaining and improving efficiency.  Established in 2006 as an arm of the Food Technology Unit at CARIRI, CFSC’s mandate is to work with the food industry locally and regionally to improve food safety management practices. From small food vendors to large, food processing and manufacturing plants – the CFSC can help you implement and document proper food handling systems and procedures, train your employees in good food safety practices, and build and maintain your reputation for excellent food safety.

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