Stack Monitoring Station

Stack Monitoring

CARIRI has over 10 years experience in stack testing on conventional as well as heavy industry equipment eg boilers, furnaces, heaters and turbines. CARIRI uses state of the art technologies that are well supported by the manufacturers, are compliant with US methodologies and meet CARIRIs quality system requirements. Our staff are internationally trained in the methods for source emission testing and are supported with analysis of samples from recognised laboratories.The Services of the Stack Testing Section of the Air Quality Management Services Unit are:

  • Source Emission Testing 
  • Preliminary Infrastructure Assessment 
  • Compliance with Air Quality Rules and CEC Requirements
  • Testing for Particulates
  • Testing for Gaseous Emissions
  • Testing for PM10
  • Provision of Sampling Equipment and Accessories
  • Air Dispersion Modelling
  • Efficiency Determination of Control Technologies


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