On July 20, 2017 as part of its thrust to expand its service base to meet public and private sector demands the Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) assembled a working Stakeholder’s Forum on Energy Efficiency themed– “Energy Efficiency and Its Impact on Enterprise Operational Efficiency and Competitiveness.”

The Forum was well attended by both Public and Private Sector organizations, inclusive of representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs (MOEEI), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Division, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago Electricity Commission (T&TEC), Environmental Management Authority(EMA), Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers Association (TTMA), West Indian Tobacco Company Limited (WITCO), Shell Trinidad & Tobago, National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago (NGC) and other Stakeholders from the Manufacturing and Petrochemical Sectors.

Feature presentations were delivered by the CEO of CARIRI, Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah, Sustainable Energy Analyst, MOEEI, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Division,Mr. Hannibal Anyika,CEO and President of the Energy Chamber, Dr. Thackwray Driver and Mr. Soren Draborg, Product Manager, Danish Technological Institute.

CEO of CARIRI, Mr. Shah addressed the practice of infusing old products and processes with new ideas and capabilities or integrating old, stagnant sections into new vibrant ones is really the innovation that we should all be concentrating on. He indicated our unit of measurement can be in terms of units of energy used; save or reused in a more efficient directions.

Mr. Shah said “innovation should be widespread and result in productivity gains rather than be concentrated in the high tech sectors which maybe popular at the time. We should not only seek to acquire new technologies per se but to infuse existing ones with new technologiesand ideas”.

Danish Consultant Mr. Draborg in his presentation focused on energy efficiency as a driver for the economy. He stated “if energy was more expensive, persons will be more conscious of their energy consumption…with a tax subsidy renewables will be more competitive”.

Dr. Driver indicated that greater returns can be yielded by redeploying power to our Petrochemical plants; the Return on Investment will be greater nationally. He also stated that there is tremendous potential to use our skilled human resource and intellectual property from existing production and services in the Sector and can apply same to energy efficiency and renewable energy production in the region.

Mr. Anyika, from the Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries indicated that policy is essential in order to more effectively develop Programmes with respect to energy efficiency and renewable energy. He stated at present the Ministry is involved in preparing several related Policy documents.

CARIRI through membership with the World Association of Industrial and Technological Research Organisations  (WAITRO) and it’s networks has engaged the services of a Consultant from DTI, Mr Soren Draborg, to undertake a short term consultancy assignment involving assisting the Institute in its capacity building efforts, inclusive of the conduct of an in-depth assessment of the demand for energy efficiency services and advising on available technologies/methodologies to most cost effectively address the identified needs. Upon the basis of this visit further aspects of the programme would be developed.

CARIRI’s personnel who were trained in energy audits by Danish Consultant, Mr. Draborg have visited several companies in the Manufacturing Sector and conducted energy audits and will continue to visit more companies and conduct research to gauge needs/demand by companies for sustainable energy services.


L-R Mr. Hannibal Anyika, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Energy Research and Planning Division, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency; Mr. Søren Draborg, Product Manager, Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency, Danish Technological Institute (DTI); Dr. Thackwray Drive, President and Chief Executive Officer, Energy Chamber of Trinidad and Tobago and Chief Executive Officer CARIRI, Mr. Liaquat Ali Shah