Have a great idea to develop a world class mobile app? How is it going to be built? What are the important factors to consider while creating an app? As of 2015, there are 4.43 billion mobile users around the world and the number is likely to reach to 5.07 billion by 2019. There are almost 1.6 million Android apps  in Google Play Store and  1.5 million iOS apps in the Apple App Store.

The statistics show that the demand of mobile apps are consistently rising. Developers need to ensure that the mobile apps they are developing are useful, easy to use and above all desired by the users. Here are some key areas developers can consider before developing mobile applications:

·     Market Research - Before starting the development of an app consider conducting a proper market research. Analyzing the market will give insights about competitors' strategy,  strengths and weakness. This information will assist to avoid repeating the mistakes competitors made.

  • Be Different - Why does a recently opened restaurant in the town create a buzz? People tend to visit new places because they are always looking for something different and fresh. Create something interesting that keep  users engaged.
  • Target Audience - Defining the target audience is very important as the audience plays a huge impact on the development of the mobile app. If user’s expectations are met, the app is likely to get more popularity.
  • Mastering Platforms - Become a master of one platform first and then launch the mobile app on multiple platforms.
  • Marketing Strategy - Creating that buzz before the launch is really important to get an overwhelming response at the time of launch. Ensure the marketing is began at the appropriate time. 
  • Loading Indicators - An app can lose users while it is loading as the users might think that the app is malfunctioning. Also, it adds to create a negative impression on the user, hence providing a bad user experience. Use loading indicators and animations to give assurance that the mobile app is still working (a progressive indicator is always better).
  • App Testing -  It is important to test the  mobile app before launch in the market. It provides an experience in prior of how the users will see the app. It should be creative, easy to understand and deliver high performance. Testing before the launch will allow for ironing out any nooks and crannies before it reaches the mass market.
  • Store Description - This description plays an important role. App Stores usually displays only 2-3 lines of the description. Users need to tap on "Read More" to read the full description, hence it is important to make the first 2-3 lines attractive enough to convert users into customers.

The Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) is a flagship development of CARIRI which is aimed at facilitating Research, Development and Innovation. The mCentre arm of CED is the only mobile applications laboratory and accelerator in the region which incubates high potential mobile app developers. The lab provides world class business and technical training to high potential individuals on mobile application development and entrepreneurship on all platforms.

The mCentre operates a mobile applications testing facility referred to as the Living Lab, which provides testing services on all mobile application platforms:  Android, iOS, and Windows. Using appropriate tests and tools which provide an indication as to where improvements to functionally, usability or user experience can be made to the mobile application.

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