Launched in July 2014, CARIRI’s Business Hatchery continues to transform start-ups through its signature Business Hatchery Programme. Targeted to start-ups and early stage entrepreneurs seeking to test the market viability of their product, service or technology solution, our Business Hatchery team has worked with over 70 start-ups and 100 founders.

For the busy entrepreneur, our 3-month Business Hatchery Programme is readily divided into two Programmes, each 6 weeks in duration. All entrepreneurs are supported by group workshops, peer review sessions and weekly one-on-one business coaching. We also host an integrated workshop segment with experts in trademark, copyright and patents from the Intellectual Property Office, Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs.

Business Hatchery Smart Start Programme

In our Smart Start Programme, we work with early stage entrepreneurs in helping them navigate through Customer Validation and Market Research and Strategies, to validate customers’ ‘pain points’ and define their target market.


Business Hatchery Connect Programme

In our Connect Programme, we facilitate entrepreneurs’ practical application of Accounting and Finance, the Business Model discovery process and Business Pitch Development.


 Over the course of three months, our Programme stretches entrepreneurs to reach outside their comfort zones, engage with prospective customers, and rigorously test their market assumptions and projections.

Our upcoming Business Hatchery events to support entrepreneurs’ development include:

Recruitment continues at our Launch It event on 4th and 9th February and interested entrepreneurs are invited to submit an online application at

With a network of mentors and entrepreneurs, as well as a combination of facilitative workshops and evaluative business coaching, CARIRI’s Business Hatchery team welcomes all start-ups, irrespective of business sector.

Our Vision is to be Trinidad and Tobago’s premier platform for business start-ups, in building a community of entrepreneurs who go on to discover and innovate sustainable solutions that improve lives, connect people and stimulate change.

  • Launch It (4 February: 1:30-3:30pm and 9 February: 4-6pm)
  • Our Signature Business Hatchery Programme (April 2017)