Located at Innovation Avenue, Freeport, CARIRI’s new Centre for Enterprise Development (CED) was launched on June 26th 2013.  Focused on building capacity and capability for enterprise creation, the CED forms an integral part of CARIRI’s strategic plan for the period 2011-2015 and is, simultaneously consistent with the Government’s strategic priorities of economic growth, job creation, competitiveness and innovation.

The CED is slated to accommodate the full gamut of activities along the enterprise creation spectrum, i.e. from idea to market. It would provide both accommodation and technical and business advisory support services to individuals and enterprises with innovative ideas/projects wishing to take these through the incubation (development) process to commercialization.

The CED comprises of the following facilities, each of which lends support to a particular stage of enterprise development:

This incubator caters to the needs of any individual with an innovative idea that they believe has the potential to be commercialized. Here, these ideas can be presented in a completely confidential environment, assessed by experts for viability (proof of principle) and further guided through the development process. It also houses project coordinators for the government driven i2i competition and a 3D printing facility which is highly applicable to prototype development. Further, the project offices for the recently acquired 5-year World Bank Project where CARIRI, in conjunction with the Scientific Research Council of Jamaica, will be establishing a Regional Climate Innovation Centre, will also be stationed here.

This incubator, which can accommodate 5 in-house and 7 virtual tenants, aims to provide access to the full range of support services that growing small businesses require. The incubator is fully contained, complete with a secretariat, internet access, meeting rooms, a conference room and an informal eating area. Organized in an open floor manner, the small business tenants can interact, share and learn from each other on a daily basis regardless of fields of business whilst also benefiting from economies of scale as it relates to facility, administrative and support services costs.


This takes the form of 10 bays which will each initially accommodate projects currently being developed by CARIRI such as garlic, soy, cassava and pepper processing technologies as well as ICT related products. It caters for the incubation and commercialization of technologies sourced both locally and from abroad. CARIRI is not in the business of manufacturing products for sale, rather, the findings from research and development of these technologies will be placed in Technology Packages (collection of info, services and activities related to the manufacture of the products).

This accommodates information and communication technology (ICT) project initiatives being undertaken by CARIRI that are geared towards enhancing the operational efficiencies of SME’s. It houses a developer’s studio, project meeting room, break-out room and a Cisco teleconferencing centre.

Incubators and ICT centres are not new concepts. They have been established regionally and internationally, however, this facility is unique in that it is the first of its kind in the Caribbean where innovation, business and technology incubators and ICT services are located on a single compound and work in synergy to drive enterprise development.

For more information, visit us at: http://www.cedcariri.com