1. Educate farmers, food manufacturers, food service providers, food distributors, food regulatory bodies, consumers and school children on good food safety practices.
  2. Foster, and assist in, the implementation of good food safety management practices among food manufacturers, food distributors and food service providers.
  3. Influence changes in legislation and offer support for food safety management locally and regionally.
  4. Address critical issues in food safety management and develop the most relevant, applicable and workable solutions.
  5. Promote co-ordination among stakeholders in the Food and Beverage Industry locally, regionally and internationally.
  6. Disseminate information on key food safety issues locally and throughout the region.
  7. Provide the technical assistance necessary to ensure good food safety management practices among food handlers in the region.
  8. Assist local and regional exporters in the Food and Beverage sector to meet the requirements of international markets.

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