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CARIRI’s Biotechnology Unit can help you resolve food quality problems, make processes more efficient and profitable, and develop new products. 

We provide consultancy and training services across the Food Industry value chain - from food processors,restaurants and caterers to wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

Key Services

  • Product and Process Development
  • Establishing Food Safety Management Systems
  • Troubleshooting Food Processing and Product-related problems
  • Plant Equipment Sourcing, Installation, Commissioning and Optimization
  • Plant/Equipment Layout  - to meet good manufacturing and sound food safety practices
  • Nutritional Labelling
  • Shelf-life Studies
  • Food Analysis (chemical, physical and microbiological analyses)
  • Food Safety Audits (GMP, HACCP and ISO 2000:2005)
  • Implementation of Food Safety Management Systems (GMP, HACCP, ISO 2000:2005)
  • Audit and Implementation of Private Food Quality and Food Safety Standards
  • Training in Food Processing Principles and Practical Skills
  • Provision of Printed Technical Packages

Food Safety Management Systems

We assist companies in implementing the following food safety management systems:

  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  • Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP)
  • International Standards Organization ISO 2000:2005.

Troubleshooting Food Processing and Product-related Problem

We work quickly to analyze and resolve problems and make recommendations concerning any product/processing issue/requirement you may have.  Our goal is to have you operating at optimum efficiency and quality in the shortest possible time with minimum disruption to ongoing operations.

Nutritional Labelling

We can provide food processors with the nutritional profile of their product, formatted to the requirements of the US Food & Drugs Administration (USFDA) or any other requested labelling guidelines.

Product Development

We have successfully developed Alcoholic and Non-alcoholic Beverages, Condiments, Confectionery, Drink mixes, Popsicles, Sorbets, Cereals, Dry Mixes, Soy Products, Snacks and a range of other products.


Through seminars, workshops and on-site programmes, we provide both practical and theoretical training on general food processing. Areas covered include food spoilage, food preservation, good manufacturing practices, labelling and packaging, quality systems, sanitation and food additives.



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