About CFSC

For more than four decades, CARIRI has been working with players throughout the food chain, assisting them in improving their practices so that they provide safer foods to consumers.

Identifying a need for an independent Caribbean institution committed to the economic development of the region and focused on food safety, CARIRI created the Caribbean Food Safety Centre (CFSC) with a mandate to create greater awareness of food safety principles and improve food safety management practices in the Caribbean.

Established in April 2006 as an arm of the Food Technology Unit at CARIRI, CFSC works with other agencies locally, regionally and internationally in a collaborative effort to improve the food industry and align the Caribbean region to the competitive international arena. In pursuing its mandate, CFSC enlists the support of private and public sector organizations and other stakeholder groups.


Our Mission

To develop a region sensitized to food safety through the creation of a regional food safety centre that will make CARIRI the region's premier food safety authority. To improve the implementation of good food safety practices and enhance the region's knowledge of food safety, thereby improving our quality of life.

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