Toxic chemicals that get into the environment can affect people, plants and animals. The science of studying these effects is called ecotoxicology. 

CARIRI, can:

  • Conduct ecotoxicological studies that will objectively measure and evaluate the impact of toxic chemicals on individuals, populations, natural communities, water resources and ecosystems
  • Make recommendations on restoring ecosystems already damaged by toxic chemicals
  •  Predict the effects of specific emissions on communities and ecosystems
  •  Identify the best course of action to prevent or remediate any detrimental effects of toxic substances

We can assist governments and responsible corporations who want to assess or predict the impact of industrial operations on communities and the environment.  We also provide services to companies seeking to comply with the water pollution rules of the country. 

Specific tests CARIRI conducts include:

  • 96 hour Acute Toxicity Test using the Mysid Shrimp (Metamysidopsis insularis)
  • Microtox 81.9 % Basic Test
  • Microtox Solid Phase Test

Organisms that are indigenous to Trinidad and Tobago are used to conduct the 96-hour acute toxicity test. Toxicity studies are also applied to assess the suitability of water sources as drinking water supplies. Toxicity of chemicals used in the oil industry is also determined as a means of assessing sustainability for use. 


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