Our Petroleum Testing Laboratory continues to be the premier provider of energy testing services in the region and forms the core of the Organic Chemistry and Petroleum (OCP) Laboratory at CARIRI.

As an independent testing laboratory with over 40 years experience in providing petroleum analysis, you can rely on us to ensure that your products are accurately tested and evaluated.  

Our laboratory analysis methods are audited yearly for adherence to international standards (ISO 17025 and ISO 9001). We also maintain certified calibration standards for our accredited tests, to ensure that our test results are accurate and precise.

Major Tests

Natural Gas
We maintain state-of-the-art Gas Chromatographs for providing compositional analysis of natural gas samples using the backflush (C6+) or extended (C9) methods.

Automotive Gasoline
Our tests will verify whether gasoline samples meet required specifications or indicate adulteration, and whether they comply with the Trinidad and Tobago standard, TTS 269, the ASTM Standard D4814, or any other regional or international standard requested.

Diesel Fuel
We can verify the quality of diesel fuel against the Trinidad and Tobago Standard, TTS569, the international standard ASTM D975, and any other regional or international standard.

Oil Field Chemicals
We perform MSDS Verification, Toxicity Testing and Biodegradability Testing, as required under the Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs’ Oil Field Chemical Approval Scheme.

Quality Control Testing
To ensure that your products or raw materials meet your required specifications, we can test for conformity in products such as lubricating oils, gasoline, diesel fuel, engine oils and brake fluids.

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