The Food Technology Unit at CARIRI is staffed with highly trained and experienced food technologists, food technicians and chemical engineers, who provide training to the Food and Beverage Industry in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean in the following areas:

Food Processing Principles

We provide both theoretical and practical training to micro, small, medium and large food processors in:

  • general food processing techniques and principles
  •  food spoilage
  • food preservation
  • food additives
  •  good manufacturing practices
  •  labelling and packaging
  •  quality systems
  •  sanitation

This training has included a wide variety of processed food products over the years, such as condiments and sauces, non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages including wines, jams and jellies, cured meats and dried fruits.

Product and Process Development

We assist food processors to create new and innovative food and beverage products or improve their existing product formulations.
During this type of training, we also impart knowledge and skills in:

  • labelling and packaging products to meet the required standards and regulations
  • proper facility layout to achieve efficiency and ensure food safety
  • selecting and operating equipment
  • conducting sensory evaluations on their products
  • product shelf-life

Food Safety Systems

We conduct ongoing training programmes in Food Safety Systems such as HACCP, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and ISO 22000:2005- locally and regionally - for food processors, manufacturers, caterers, vendors and other food handlers.
The Food Technology Unit also offers training in other food safety systems, depending on the client’s needs and expectations.

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